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  1. Vera SVIRIDOVA, Kaluga Region

    I remember how, as a child, I spent the summer with my grandmother in the village, together with my cousins ​​after a series of rainy days we wandered to the collective farm field. It was completely covered with mushrooms, although no one planted them!
    Then I and the girls were very surprised, but now I understand that somehow the mycelium of these mushrooms got on the field, and as it was well manured, the mushrooms sprouted, I remembered somehow about this case and decided to arrange a mushroom field on my site .
    To prepare the substrate I took straw, filled it with hot water and left it for 2 days. Then I put it on the pellets to make the glasses superfluous.
    Near the northern wall of the house, where there is almost no sun, the husband dug a hole 50 cm deep, built a wooden box from the bottom without boards, placed it in the groove so that the sides of the boards on 10 cm looked out of the ground, poured a bit of grit, sand and laid thick layers of straw, alternating with a mixture of horse manure and bird droppings. Each layer was sprinkled with nitrate and watered. I covered the bed for 2 weeks with a film. Then we planted a mycelium of champignons, bought in a store for gardeners, and poured over the compost.
    Champignons need warm nutritive soil and constant moisture, so on such a substrate they grow well, and we eat our mushrooms all summer.

  2. F. BOROVKOV, St. Petersburg |

    It's time to go for a "quiet hunt", if the dacha next to the forest, then no problem. And if the forest is far away, then I propose to plant mushrooms right on the site.
    It will take a hat of a ripe brown or white. It must be crushed. I used an ordinary manual grinder for this. The mushroom mass was placed in a bottle of water. Now the spores of the mushrooms had to be "awakened." To do this, I added a couple of spoons of French yeast to the bottle and left it for a month. The pulp of the fungus settled down to the bottom. A month later he filtered this solution and poured it into another bottle.
    This is a very concentrated solution, so it should be diluted in the proportion of approximately 1 glass to an 200-liter plastic barrel. And already from this barrel I poured water from the watering can on growing trees on the site.
    It is better, of course, to choose for each tree the mushroom with which it is friends in the forest: pads with saplings at the birches, white - near the pines. Do not stand on your future mushroom clearing. And, I hope, it will please you the next year.

  3. Nikolay Mandrik. Volkovysk

    has mastered another way of growing mushrooms - extensive, when mushrooms are trying to create conditions similar to their natural environment. At the end of February, in a freshly cut log wood (poplar, aspen) with a length of 40-50 cm, drill holes of depth 10-15 cm, lay a mycelium in them and cover with cotton so that it does not crumble. Then it is covered with polyethylene and placed in a whitewashed cellar, where there is no mold (otherwise there will be no mushrooms, and in general it is better not to store vegetables in the basement). In two months, when the temperature on the street is set not lower than + 10 degrees, the log moves to the garden to raspberry bushes, where there is a slight shadow and no drafts. The first wave of fungi appears about two weeks later.

  4. Nikolay SOTNIKOV, Nizhny Novgorod

    Last winter, we ate salted mushrooms grown in a summer residence. 3 years ago in the autumn I gathered well-ripened white and pink wavelets and finely chopped them. He placed the mushrooms in buckets (each species - in a separate) and filled it with cold water. From time to time mixed. A day later, this mushroom water poured in pre-dug and fertilized areas of the organic: for pink wavelets picked up a shady and damp place in the garden, for the white-half and where it was drier. Polite rustic beds covered with sawdust, and theirs - a layer of fallen leaves. In the spring and from time to time in the summer removed large weeds.
    At the end of summer the first mushrooms appeared. But they did not collect them, he left them to argue. But from the second year began to collect wavelets - a few cans annoyed!

  5. Alexander Andreevich MIROSHNIKOV. Uglich

    I decided to share with the readers the experience of growing the cherry on the site. I started with the acquisition of a mycelium. The best (in my opinion) cereal mycelium - based on husk from sunflower seeds. The instructions recommend growing oyster mushrooms on poplar stumps, but I decided to try to use the cutting of the birch trunks - they are denser, which means that the fruit will not be 2-3 years, but much longer.
    Last year, in the spring, I bought 1 l mycelium oyster mushrooms, found a suitable log in the forest about 20 cm in diameter, brought it home and placed a greenhouse on the site at the end of it on the southern side. In the log drilled a few shallow holes and placed a mycelium in them.
    Then he covered the log with an acrylic film. Periodically watered with warm water and again covered with a film (and it turned out as if I had a greenhouse in the restaurant). Honestly, I was on the alert, and in the success of my enterprise I did not doubt. And everything turned out in my opinion: in September, the first mushrooms appeared. They were small, but there were a lot of nests, so I decided to gather courage and expand the plantation. Next to the first log laid the second, and on top of them I put another and third. The whole construction was fastened with wire, drilled holes in new logs and populated the entire mushroom crop in fresh holes. Since the spring of last year, I did not forget to periodically water. And in early September, there were mushrooms on the first log, and at the end of the month, oyster mushrooms were on all three. We gathered the harvest together with Lyosha's grandson and in total collected more than 6 kg of mushrooms!
    What can be prepared from oyster mushrooms? Yes anything, but my wife can best mushroom caviar.

  6. Reader

    I want to suggest the easiest way to grow champignons: a heap of humus should throw a few old overripe mushrooms hats up. Next year you will collect mushrooms at home. Do not forget to water the place where you planted mushroom spores as needed. That's all.

  7. The reader (nitsa)

    How to grow an asparagus mushroom
    In summer, you can try to grow an asparagus mushroom (carrion) in the penumbra of the garden, a greenhouse and even in the garden. And to harvest all year round, the "mushroom farm" is equipped in a heated room on racks.
    For an asparagus mushroom, low-fertility organics will come in handy, for example a poor compost. It is improved by adding 40 kg of calcium carbonate per cubic meter.
    Mushrooms are bought on wheat grains, at 1 sq. M. m will take about 700
    Pieces of a mycelium in the size of a walnut are immersed in a substrate to a depth of 5 cm. The surface is constantly moisturized. After 3-4 weeks, the substrate will overgrow with a white-bluish mycelium, then top 5 cm of soil is poured over. After another 3-4 weeks, the first mushrooms will appear. They grow in several "waves" in 10-14 days. After the 7 wave, the yield decreases.
    Gather the asparagus mushroom until the cap is firm and snug against the leg, and its edge does not darken.

  8. a guest

    I always wanted to grow mushrooms, but thought it was too complicated. And when I tried, I realized that I was wrong.
    To grow oyster mushrooms. I put the purchased mycelium in the substrate most accessible to the summer resident - small sawdust. But you can also plant it in the straw.
    The substrate is filled with boiling water 2 times with an interval of 24 hours. When the 2-th time the water cools, drain it and put the mycelium in the substrate. The manufacturer indicates the rate at which it is added.
    The resulting mixture is laid out on wooden boxes, lined with polyethylene film. They are convenient to install in a greenhouse.
    At a temperature of 25 ° mycelium develops about 50 days. For ripening the fungi need not more than 15 °, a lot of light and moisture, it is better to remove the boxes from the greenhouse.
    After the collection of ripened veshenok new appear through 10-12 days. With 1 kg of substrate I get about 300 g mushrooms. A great addition to fried potatoes!


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