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    I have been engaged in gardening for many years and already jokingly call myself not just an "amateur horticulturist", but
    "Gardener-semi-professional"! I like to experiment with new plants and I've come across a culture that is too tough for me. Landed a whole bed zemlunik (relatives and strawberries, and strawberries at the same time) and 3-th year, no berries can not achieve. Could it be that I caught only male or only female plants, and therefore the zemklunika does not bear fruit? Or is it wrong farming?
    Viktor STEPTSOV, Rostov region

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    If slugs threaten the harvest
    From sawmillers helps spraying with infusion of tobacco dust, it is possible and simple makhorka. On a bucket of hot water you need to take a large handful of tobacco, insist 2 h. And then spray this solution with a bush.
    A solution after 2-3 applications (through 2 days each) well destroys caterpillars, but some of them can
    stay in the ground under a bush. It is necessary to carefully remove the top layer of the soil (5-8 cm) and replace it with fresh.
    If you can not remove a layer of earth, you need to fertilize the ground under gooseberries with ashes and lightly sprinkle with lime. From this, insects will die before they can pupate in the earth.
    Once in our strawberry bred slugs and inflicted considerable damage to the berries.
    I had to get rid of them quickly.
    First of all, you need to remove all vegetable debris from the garden. Then use a mixture of hydrated lime and superphosphate in equal proportions. I'm pouring a couple of tracks
    on the border of the beds straight from the bucket with a thin trickle. Slugs from foreign gardens can not crawl through it. Intermedia between the beds can be sprinkled with a solution of copper sulfate (3%). After the second spraying at an interval of a week, pests usually die.
    If the chemicals did not help, you'll have to work with your hands. I lay the leaves of burdock between the beds for the night. Slugs in the morning hide under them. The collected pests are destroyed.
    When slugs are withdrawn, you need to monitor the garden. If the weeds fall, the pest will reappear.


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