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  1. Elena KIRYASHINA, Ulyanovsk

    Thorn spiny is rarely affected. But with pests need to fight. The main ones are green and black aphids. Aphid sucks the juice from the shoots and foliage, because of what is their deformation and abscission.

    I rarely use chemicals, as I harvest leaves for medicinal purposes. I prefer safer but effective ways.

    After spring cutting the thorns, I wrap the trunk with adhesive tape from flies. I unwind the strip and wrap the trunk with a sticky layer. You may need 2 strips if the trunk is thick. So I block the path of the ants that bring aphids. For the season 2-3 fold replace sticky tape.
    But aphid can fly herself. I struggle with her vegetable and soap infusions and essential oils.
    Garlic infusion. A glass of peeled and chopped garlic cloves infuse 4 of the day in 1 liters of water. Then filter and 2 Art. l Infusion with 100 ml of green soap is added to 10 l of water. I spray in the evening.
    Infusion of marigolds. I fill the half-bucket with crushed marigolds (along with flowers), pour water to the top and insist on 2 of the day. Then filter, add 2 Art. l tar chips, topped up with water to 10 l and spray.

    Spraying essential. In 50 ml low-fat cream add 15 drops of essential oil of lavender, tea tree and lemon. I add this mixture to 1 l of water and spray it thrice every other day. For each spraying prepare a new batch.

  2. Tamara NIKOLAEVA, Lipetsk

    Small blue fruit-drupes are thorny to taste similar to plum or cherry plum, but with appreciable astringency. But the jam turns aromatic and tasty. Also from berries it is possible to make sauce of type tkemali and to add them in house wine. The trees themselves are very unpretentious, little susceptible to disease, well tolerate the winter. And how they will cover themselves in the spring with a continuous white cloud of flowers - do not tear your eyes off!

    Earlier I, like my neighbors, had an old Michurinsky variety Autumn. He gives a lot of root cane, which is well established during transplantation. If it is not cut out, thick thickets of large shrubs are formed. But if you choose and leave only one sprout, then in a few years it grows into a rather tall tree with a strong trunk and spreading crown. Whatever the harvest. You could leave only a couple of bushes, but we saved more - it is very beautiful it blooms (real Siberian cherry!) And looks great with ripe berries in late summer!
    Recently, I purchased two more varieties of thistles - Sweet-bodied TSHA and Krasnolistny. The sellers insisted that the fruit of the Sweet-Fruit did not bitterly at all, but it turned out not to be so. Tartness in them is noticeable, although less than in the Autumn. The fruit is slightly larger, the bone separates better. Redhead disappointed me with bitter and small fruits, but I kept it as an ornamental plant. Young foliage is dark crimson, and flowers with pinkish tint. By July, the foliage is almost green.

  3. Michael

    Hello! what should be the optimal distance from the trunk of the thorn to the slate dug into the earth, that the bush would feel comfortable?


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