1. Galina MATYAKO. Tiaoretsk

    Alycha: is it sour or sweet?
    Always believed that cherry plum - a tree with sour and small fruits. But the seller in the store persuaded me to buy a sapling of cherry plum variety. When the tree was covered with fruits, I was pleasantly surprised. The blue-burgundy fruits were large (about 40-50 g) and very sweet.
    Alycha already for the third year can yield a good harvest. It is not winter-hardy and requires a number of pollinators. I have several kinds of plums, so I did not need additional pollination.
    Planting seedlings better in autumn. For planting, prepare a pit size 100 × 60 cm depth 25-30, see.
    repelled manure (1 kg) and ash (1 glass), all this mix with the ground. Put the seedling in the pit. straighten the roots and direct them downwards. Gradually pour loose soil onto the roots. When they have 10-15 cm of ground, gently compact the soil. After tie the seedling to the peg at a distance of 20-25 cm from the root. Immediately after landing, pour abundantly.
    For the winter, protect the seedling from the rodents. Tie the trunk with roofing material without lumens. Then mow the tree with a mound of earth up to a height of 30 cm to prevent from freezing. Alycha will get along so well.


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