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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    A few years ago I brought from the nursery an eyed one-year-old peach seedlings and eight more seeds from mature healthy trees. In autumn she planted everything, and the tree carefully wrapped in paper.

    Spring came. The sapling, as soon as the warm weather was established, freed from the shelter, and he woke up pretty quickly: the buds swelled, opened, then branching began. And out of eight planted bones only two were pierced: one sprout was bouncy, and the other - quite frail.
    I looked after them, like little children, regularly watered, loosened the ground and mulched the mown grass, and they happily responded to my care: the first one grew over the summer to 80, and the second - to 50, see.
    And how I was happy, looking at my pets! By autumn the seedling already had a good hairdo, and two of his younger brothers tried to take an example from him. By the way, by the way, before frosts, I too was wrapped in paper, and in this form they left in the winter.

    In the early spring I wrapped up my peaches and began to wait that they, like the seedling, would start to branch wildly. But, alas, this process they went barely, which can not be said-about the same seedling-he grew up literally in front of his eyes. In subsequent years, the difference in their development persisted. And when the peaches, grown from the bones, just formed the crown, their relatives began fruiting, and the fruits were very large, rosy from the sun's rays.
    But in the same year a very early and frosty winter came out, all my peaches were frozen (those that were pitted died immediately, and the seedling tried to regain consciousness later, but also gave up the ends).

    Conclusion: You can grow peaches from bones, but you need to be prepared for the fact that they develop very slowly and are too sensitive to cold.


  2. A.P. Dyshlevich, Cherkasy region

    I grow a peach (from a bone), a tree 4 year. Last season it was 10 large and sweet fruit. The place is not exactly suitable, and the tree needs to be transplanted, but neighbors frightened that the plant after that could disappear. Advise what to do.

    • Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

      Indeed, 4-year-old peach trees are already too large for transplantation. In addition, the stem root grown from a stone bone goes deep into the earth, it is very difficult to dig it out.
      But if you can not do without a transplant, observe the following rules:
      transplant the tree better in the spring until the leaves bloom;
      just before the transplant, cut the tree's crown as much as possible, leaving literally the 1-2 branches;
      Roots try to excavate with a lot of small roots - they are responsible for plant nutrition;
      abundantly water the transplanted plant for several weeks.
      And also: simultaneously with the transplant of the tree, try planting it on a suitable rootstock (cherry plum or apricot) - this will help preserve the variety, even if the transplanted plant perishes.

  3. татьяна беларусь

    I really want to plant myself a peach red guerrilla payment guarantee.

  4. Inga

    An interesting article, I would gladly put it in my house. Where can I get the coats of this sort? Payment guarantee.

  5. Lydia

    Perm Krai In 2015 Peaches -45 in a greenhouse with shelter normally survived and a small crop was Covered vertically by trees not bending Only the mice gnawed some This winter we smear with Vishnevsky ointment and the leaves of the walnut in the greenhouse were laid out according to the advice of truck farmers

  6. Lyudmila

    Good afternoon, Nina! Yours, Nina, liked the article about the peach "Red Partisan". We, my daughter, granddaughter and myself, planted peaches from bones in 2013 year. The trees have already grown, we have not yet seen the fruits. This year there were a few flowers, we tore them up. Bones they brought from Evpatoria. In 2014 year I bought imported peaches, planted, but they did not ascend. I really want to plant the bones of your peach "Red Partisan". Ukraine, Sumy region, Akhtyrka. Sincerely, Ludmila.

  7. Lily

    I liked the article about the peach "Red Partisan", I would gladly try to put it on my site, I like experimenting !!!! I would be grateful to the author of the article for the bones!

    • Gennady

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