1. Tamara POLYAKOVA, Moscow

    Chinese honey agarics on logs
    Shiitake mushrooms are relatives of those familiar to us. Like mushrooms, shiitake grow on dead wood, gradually decomposing it. Therefore, they can be grown at home or in the garden.
    6 early spring you need to prepare the chunks from the trunks of healthy trees (beech, linden), cut down before the sap move. Lying wood is not good. The diameter must be at least 10 cm, and the length is determined by the dimensions of the container where they will be installed. Before sowing the mushroom picking, the billets are split into logs and soaked for a couple of hours in water, and then held for several days in a warm room under the film.
    After that, holes are drilled in the logs with a diameter of 1 cm and a depth of 5-6 cm. A ready-made substrate with a mycelium (sold in stores) is covered in the holes, and moist cotton wool is put on top.
    Logs are conveniently placed vertically in the container, slightly covering the ends in the soil. They are kept moist. In an apartment it is difficult to find a suitable place for a "mushroom garden", because the optimum temperature is 15 ° in the afternoon and 10 ° - at night. The best is a heated balcony with heating. In summer, the container needs to be shaded, avoiding overheating. Shiitake grows slowly, but then the fruiting continues 2-3 years.


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