1. Lyubov Petrovna Zaitseva, city of Saratov

    40-50 g of potash fertilizers and 100-150 g superphosphate.
    All these fertilizers are mixed with the top fertile soil layer and this mixture is poured into the pit, leaving unfilled about 1 / 3 volume. On top of the mixture fill fertile soil, not filled with fertilizers (their contact with the roots is still undesirable). The same soil must be buried roots when planting. Ground the seedlings after planting cut at a height of 25-30 cm from ground level.
    Blackberries are best planted in the spring, because planted in autumn, the bushes can freeze. Blackberry seedlings are placed through 0,8-1 m in a row, leaving 1,8-2 m between rows. The size of the landing pit is approximately 40 × 40, see 5-6 kg of overgrown manure or compost


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