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  1. Maxim S. Tarasov. Saint Petersburg

    We decided to plant a fruit in the fall. Even the market of seedlings has already developed so that in the autumn the choice is the most rich. There are a number of reasons for this, about them and I want to tell the readers.
    In general, it should be understood that it is customary to plant winter hardy breeds and fruit varieties in autumn (I, of course, referring to the middle belt), and weakly resistant to winter - in the spring. It should be understood that in the autumn the favorable period is fairly stretched in time (this is, of course, a plus), but in the spring you have to be in time after the thawing of the soil, but before the sap move begins.
    If you do not prepare a pit in advance or later to buy seedlings, then the landing is bound to be delayed. And this can lead to a poor survival of the seedling. Trees planted in autumn, by the end of the first year of life, give significantly larger increments compared to those planted in the spring. To seedlings from the autumn took root ideally, it is necessary to plant them for 30 days before the onset of a cold snap.


    The plums fell heavily in the summer. Why?

    • Valery Korolev

      The reason could be even a short-term drought during ripening. Unfortunately, you did not mention which variety or even the type of plum grows in your garden. All varieties of Hungarians (elongated dark-colored plums), as a rule, keep well on the tree. Renclods (rounded plums of different colors) are prone to shedding, but are well seasoned at home.

  3. Nikolay TROPISCHEV, city of Nizhny Novgorod

    Should I plant a plum in the autumn?
    When is it better to plant a plum in the fall or wait until spring? If it is possible in autumn, what are the features of planting plums at this time of year?

    • Nicholas

      In the conditions of the Central Russia, the autumn planting is rather risky, since the seedlings do not have time to settle down in a new place, they are easily exposed to frost and die. Therefore, it is more effective to plant a plum in spring time. First of all, it is necessary to prepare a landing pit. Its depth and diameter are approximately the same and amount to 60-70 cm. At the bottom lay an earthen mixture enriched with organic fertilizers, so the pit is excavated for 1-2 weeks before planting the seedlings so that the soil has time to settle. Do not need to fertilize abundantly to avoid root burn and increased buildup of vegetative mass. The soil from the pit can be mixed with humus (2: 1) and the plum is planted in this mixture. In the center of the pit on the north side of the seedling at a distance of 15 cm, it is necessary to place a wooden stake, to which the trunk is tied with an elastic twine. Seedling is planted in such a way that its root neck is above the soil level at 5-7 cm. Then the plum is watered abundantly and the surface around the trunk is mulched with peat or compost.

  4. Karina Pravdina

    Plum with yellow fruits blooms every year, and the result can be counted on the fingers. What is the reason?

    • Valery MATVEEV

      This variety is called Ochakovo yellow. It has tasty fruits, but there is one significant drawback - the variety is self-fertile. If you look at the flowers, you will see that instead of 5 petals they have 8-12 and they completely lack pollen. In addition, Ochakovskaya yellow flowers later than most other varieties of plum blossoms. A good pollinator for this variety is the Hungarian Italian, partly coinciding with the flowering period and with the Stanley variety. For better attraction to the flowers of bees, I advise you to treat the tree with an 5% solution of sugar or honey during flowering.


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