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  1. Tamara Viktorovna

    In the spring I bought a few peonies. All summer holila and cherished them. I worry, as my beginners will transfer winter. Advise what needs to be done so that they endure the cold painlessly.

    • OOO "Sad"

      Many flower growers love peonies for not requiring careful maintenance. Nevertheless, in the fall, you still have to work hard so that flowers next summer will be pleased with their unique beauty. It is at this time that peony bushes are in particular need of a number of agrotechnical measures.
      In autumn, peonies no longer need as much moisture as in summer, during the active growing season, so watering begins to be reduced every week. But do not stop! After all, young bushes painfully endure a forced drought. And after that you need to gradually stop watering completely.
      In September and in the beginning of October, the best time for feeding comes. The flowering has already ended, the buds are cut, but the root system
      Ma continues its development and is waiting for a new portion of fertilizers, of which potash-phosphorus compounds are the most effective. In 10, l water is diluted with 15 g of potassium and phosphorus and watered with the resulting solution on the bushes, making sure that the liquid does not fall on the root neck. By the way, you can use ready-made mineral fertilizers, which are sold in specialized stores.
      If there is no time to tinker with the solutions, you can pour dry fertilizers to the bushes, having previously moistened the soil around the peony.
      Autumn peonies are also waiting for pruning faded flowers. But the leaves should not be touched. After the lush flowering of bushes in the leaves, the process of photosynthesis continues, which allows the roots to accumulate the nutrients they need for growth and recuperation. In the first autumn weeks, the roots continue to grow deep, and the introduction of a new portion of nutrients will be very useful.
      When did the peon stalks finally be cut? If you do it early, there will be more harm than good from such a procedure. After lush flowering, peonies feel weakened, so they need a strong diet, and photosynthesis helps decompose beneficial substances that enter the leaves from the root system. Therefore, ideally cut the peonies immediately after frost.

      Cut the shoots together with the foliage immediately removed from the site and burn, and the places of cuts and soil sprinkled with ash for disinfection.

      To the rhizome of peony is not affected by frost, you need to mulch the soil around the bush. Ideal to use humus and dry peat. Layer thickness - 10-15 cm. Leaves, dung, straw, softwood legs, sawdust and shavings are not suitable for this purpose. Such materials provoke the growth of spores of pathogenic fungi, and the joinery production strongly oxidizes the soil.
      With the onset of spring, mulch is removed, but not completely: a thin layer is left in the hole that will restrain the appearance of weeds.

  2. Olga SURINOVICH, agronomist, Horki

    During the feeding of peonies do not overdo with the rate of fertilizers! With excess (especially nitrogen), the leaves grow strongly, but the buds do not rush to appear.

  3. Vera LIPAI

    Peonies from the third year of development, when they begin to blossom, feed. Fertilizers I scatter under bushes and I fill up in a soil with a chopper. Immediately after melting snow - 10-15 g nitrogen and 10-20 g potassium per bush. During budding, 10-15 g of nitrogen, 15-20 g of phosphorus and 10-15 g of potassium. After 1 -2 weeks after flowering (during the bookmark of buds) the menu consists of 15-20 g phosphorus and 10-15 g potassium per bush.

  4. Love Gavrutenko

    Garden centers actively offer spring rhizomes of tree-like peonies. In the middle belt, these plants are planted in August, but then they are likely to be no more in stores, and autumn orders will come much later. Therefore, in order to save the pion seedlings bought in the spring, I plant them in 2-3-liter pots with a universal primer, in May I drop the containers in the garden (under the branches of bushes). Over the summer peonies will grow stronger, and in August I plant them in a prepared pit with a clod of land.

  5. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    To propagate your favorite herbaceous peonies by dividing, I advise you to wait until they are four years old. The most suitable for dividing the bush is the period from August to the third decade of September. New planting must be covered with peat for a better winter. In the spring, it is best to give the reddish shoots penetrating through the soil a little to grow and grow stronger, and only then mulch can be scraped off and loosened the soil under plantings.

  6. Inga

    When transplanting pions, I prepare pits with a depth of at least 50 cm at a distance of 1 m from each other. At the bottom I put a broken brick, twigs. From the top half I fall asleep with a mixture of fertile soil with compost or repugnant manure, I add a handful of mineral fertilizers. When planting, make sure that the buds of renewal were not below the edge of the pit more than 3 cm, otherwise the bloom will have to wait a long time.


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