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  1. Irina Vitalevna

    I have problems with blueberries. I know that she loves acidic soil. To plant the first two bushes bought a special land in the store. Then I read that you can put it in a mixture of coniferous litter with sand, and two new bush planted so. I poured water on them with acidified vinegar.

    Plants have got accustomed, but for some reason sit and do not grow. And the first two bush also take an example from them. So, all my feeding did not help? And what others are there? Dear gardeners, please share your opinion on this matter.

  2. Alexandra Arkadevna Pliner, Dmitrov, Moscow Region.

    Forest blueberry attracts not only the ripened berries, but also its flowering, because all the stems are covered with white or pink corollas. I tried to tame this beauty in my dacha, because our site is near the forest.

    Nothing came of it. There was no crop like this in nature. Of course, the urine root system does not tolerate disturbance of the natural soil environment - that's why it did not want to grow.


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