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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    I had a crust on the sink, which probably for two decades (inherited from the old owners) began to peel off: at first it was covered with deep cracks, and the next year the edges began to bend upwards. And now, in these opened wounds length of 10-15 cm, wood is visible.

    The same misfortune happened with the old apple tree. The most important thing is that both trees give us very delicious fruit and bear fruit well. It would be very a pity to lose them. The heart just bleeds with one glance at these injuries. Especially since we do not know how, and most importantly, why it is necessary to treat apple and plum. Can we still save our trees?

  2. Elena IGNATYEVA

    She landed five years ago three yearling plum seedlings. They settled down well, quickly went into growth, now they reach a height of about 2 m and have quite decent crowns. But they do not want to bear fruit, they have not even blossomed even once. Or rather, a couple of flowers (no more) appear on each tree, but there is no use for it.

    I try to care for the plums with all the care: I loosen the soil in the trunks, mulch it throughout the season, I feed it with lime in the spring (we have a soil with a high content of peat) and ash, I make thinning branches. And to sense - zero. Dear gardeners, explain to me, please, what's the matter. Perhaps I forgot something else for the trees? Or made a mistake?


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