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  1. Elena ISAEVA, agronomist

    Unfortunately, wood mushrooms (oyster mushrooms, honey mushrooms) very quickly destroy wood. Therefore, in the future you should not count on rich harvests from this trunk. I advise you to install a few more chocks nearby. Populate them with oyster mushroom mycelium, honey mushrooms, shiitake in the same way as they did for the first time - then next year you will definitely not be left without mushrooms.

  2. Galina KOROLEVA, Moscow

    In the middle of last summer, during a thunderstorm near the house, the wind broke an old tree. Dad did not take away his lower part. Instead, he drilled holes in a stump at an angle of 45 degrees, from top to bottom. In each they pushed a piece of mycelium oyster mushroom (bought in a garden store). Corked everything with wet pieces of moss, abundantly watered the rest of the trunk with water from a hose and wrapped it with foil. The film was removed for the winter. And already this year the first crop of mushrooms was harvested! We cut fresh oyster mushrooms all summer, and they continue to grow.

    I hope that next year we will be with mushrooms.

  3. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    One of our family's favorite snacks is pickled tomatoes. Cooking them is not a problem, but growing is more difficult. And the main obstacle between the garden and the tub is the ubiquitous late blight. What I just did to protect the garden from fungus! And I changed the earth in the greenhouse, and sprayed bushes with a solution of vitriol, and bought drugs, but there was no sense. Fortunately, over time, I picked up the most effective ways to combat the disease.

    1. Having discovered darkened leaves or decayed fruits on tomatoes, I first cut them off and spray the bushes with saline (0,5 art. Table salt in 10 l of water).
    2. After 2-3 days after the first treatment, I chop the dried mushroom tinder, boil it with boiling water (1: 10), cool it, filter it through cheesecloth. I spray the tomato bushes, after two weeks I repeat the treatment.
    3. Next time every 2 of the week I spray the plants with garlic infusion. 1,5 Art. garlic pulp (crushed heads and arrows) pour 10 l of water, add potassium permanganate on the tip of the knife, insist for a day.

    4. In early August, I cut into pieces a thin copper wire, I clean the edges with sandpaper. I pierce the stems through these blanks. I bend the ends of the wire down, but do not twist the ring around the stem!
    Claudia SHUPIKOVA


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