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  1. Ivanka Zheleva

    Is it possible to go to Borovinka in Dobrudja

  2. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    I decided at my country house to dissolve the blueberry bush and pink currants, which I read on the Internet. The responses there to these cultures were enthusiastic, and I instructed my daughter to find their seedlings in specialized nurseries. She fulfilled my request, brought everything, I planted these plants with great enthusiasm. But when I finally waited for the berries, it turned out that this is simply blueberries and red currants.

    No doubt, good crops grow beautifully and bear fruit excellently. But I wanted to grow others! I took an interest in one store for gardeners, and there the seller told me that blueberries and blueberries being sold by them were one and the same. And there is no pink currant in nature at all. Is that really true? Dear gardeners, help, please, understand!
    Sergey Aleksandrovich GORBUNOV. Mr. Pavlodar. Kazakhstan


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