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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    But winter garlic is planted in the fall, and it is advised to dig it out as soon as the arrow straightened. And if later, garlic will fall apart into slices still in the ground. What could be a late cleaning from the garden?
    Last year I dug my garlic when all the leaves turned yellow. Almost all the garlic opened into slices, and they immediately began to sprout.

    another tip. If the garlic stays in your fridge, roots and greens appear, do not throw it away!
    It should be urgently planted, even in April, at least in May, at least when. A rotten old clove grows into a bulb the size of a teaspoon. In the autumn, you can dig and save until spring. And you can not dig, then grow a full-fledged head with slices. The main thing is that such garlic is completely not susceptible to fungal diseases.

  2. A. Solovyov Moscow region

    Why is garlic green in the blanks? Can I eat it?

    • OOO "Sad"

      When canning, cloves of garlic can change color completely or partially, acquiring a bluish or greenish color. The most likely cause is the presence of copper and other compounds in the flesh that produce acid in the acidic medium (and most of the marinade recipes use acetic acid or citric acid).

      The intensity of staining is influenced by many factors: from region, soil and weather conditions to the characteristics of agricultural technology. However, it is noted that fully mature teeth are painted more intensely than young, immature. However, this does not affect the taste and product safety.


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