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  1. Lydia

    Several years ago, in April, I planted tomato seedlings, set up arcs, threw agrofiber on them, and a film on top of it, and well crushed their edges below with boards and bricks. The plant caught on, but after a few days the temperature suddenly dropped to -7 °, and the snow was falling. And the bushes in my life left nothing at all. It was a shame that words could not convey.

    And then she remembered: there were several articles about how not to despair if the seedlings that were planted died - plant an urgent “spare”, whatever the form. But I thought that if I needed to do this, then vice versa - a little later, when it is time to plant the plants already in open ground.
    And now, after planting the surviving tomatoes at a permanent place, I asked my daughter to go to the market and buy some what will find the remains of seedlings of early varieties, even if flowering. She found, bought, brought, and I planted these plants in the greenhouse under the agrofiber and film. And these tomatoes thanked me: they ripened much faster than those that are in the open field, and fruits abundant!

    From these fruits turned out very tasty dressing for borsch (without vinegar). Here is the prescription. 3 kg of fruit mince, rub 2 carrots grated, put in water and put on fire, boil for another 40 minutes after boiling.

    Mince a half a kilo of red sweet pepper, bitter pepper (to taste), garlic heads 2 and add to the boiling mixture. Add there also 1 a glass of sugar, 2 Art. l salt, 1 / 2 glass of vegetable oil. After boiling, boil still 20 min. and roll up. Exit - 7 half-liter cans.


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