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  1. Lilia MALTSEVA, agricultural chemist. Novy Oskol

    In the season of planting and transplantation I use biological soil fungicide from root and root rot - “Gliocladin”. Without it, I do not risk planting ampelous begonias. And recently, I use it for all indoor plants, prone to rot, wilt and a black leg. When landing on the drainage, I put a layer of soil, on it - a tablet "Glyokl adina".

    The drug is easy to use: you just need to dig a tablet into the soil. It has a long period of protection, works as a soil conditioner due to the restoration of beneficial microflora, does not cause addiction to pathogens, does not accumulate in plants, and removes toxicity after chemicals. Dosage: one tablet per 1 liter pot. The drug begins to act within 7 days from the date of application. The duration of protection is 8-12 weeks. After 2,5-3 months, you can repeat the application.

  2. Dmitry Olegovich YURYEV, Kursk

    When planting seedlings of vegetable plants after picking in pots, I recommend laying finely chopped banana peels on the bottom with a small layer.

    It will decompose the 2-3 of the week, sharing heat and giving away nutrients. And if you throw a handful of crushed skins in each hole when planting seedlings in the ground, the plants will take root faster.


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