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  1. Nikolay VOSTRIKOV, Bryansk

    Last winter, after a heavy snowfall, a large branch broke on the sink. I had to cut it. But for some reason, the cut did not heal, but began to crumble (crumble) in the middle. By the fall there was already formed a decent deepening. But is this old wound dangerous for a tree?

    • OOO "Sad"

      Potentially, any wound on a tree trunk is dangerous as a place of possible penetration of pathogens of a number of diseases (primarily fungal). In your case, it is advisable to retreat to 3-4 cm from the previous saw cut and update it, then cover the wound with garden pitch or thick oil paint. Constant monitoring is necessary - at the first appearance of signs of damage (perhaps it is already infected), such as darkening of the bark, drying of young shoots, you will have to cut out the entire branch to save the plant.

  2. Elena

    A beautiful plum grows in my garden.

    The crop gives annually, and the fruits are all yellow, large, sweet. But now I have had two harvests for two seasons. And all because in each plum near the bones, I find some nasty and nasty worms. I process wood in spring and autumn with insecticide solutions - it does not help. What next to do, I do not know, and the worms in the fruit is becoming more and more. I ask you to respond and help with the advice of all the caring fellow gardeners.


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