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  1. Oksana Vladimirovna

    I never planted a pumpkin, but somehow a friend brought me the seeds of this plant. It was spring when I planted potatoes. I scattered seeds in the last furrow with tubers, covered with earth.
    And then the following happened: the bushes of potatoes grew, but even more - the whips of pumpkins, which completely covered the furrow. I began to fear that the harvest of tubers will not be here. But when she began to dig potatoes, it was on this “experiment
    talnuyu furrow, they were the size of a palm. And other summer residents in that year harvests and potatoes, and pumpkins were small.

    The following year, half of the plot occupied by potatoes, "compacted" pumpkin seeds. And just huge “barrels” have grown, and the tubers have not pumped up - all were large, as for selection. So my experience has shown that these plants should be planted nearby.


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