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    Finally, I found a variety of pepper that meets absolutely all my requirements: tasty, juicy, fruitful, ideal for canning, characterized by good keeping quality and transportability, resistant to diseases. This Ratunda Variety is so unique that even an inexperienced consumer can distinguish it. Rounded flat, fleshy, as if divided into slices, the fruits have a bright color and look very much like a pumpkin. Wall thickness from 6 to 10 mm. Pepper moderately sweet, with a taste of honey. However, it is sharper than the usual Bulgarian pepper. All this combined with a delicate aroma made it a favorite product of our family.
    Ratunda - mid-season variety (150-170 days). The bush is powerful, compact. With one square meter you can collect 5 kg of fruit.
    Pepper has a complex of valuable components. According to the content of ascorbic acid and carotene, it is on a par with black currants and carrots. Eating sweet pepper strengthens the cardiovascular and circulatory systems.
    Pepper Ratunda gained deserved popularity in cooking. It is part of salads, first and second courses, sauces and homemade preparations. In winter, finding good peppers on vegetable shelves is not easy, and imported, greenhouse, does not have that taste, and there are practically no vitamins in it.

    But there is a solution - prepare pepper in advance, in the fall. Just put it in the freezer.
    When growing Ratunda pepper I adhere to clear rules. After the Solanaceae, I place the pepper no sooner than in three or four years. The best predecessors for him are cabbage or cucumbers. Before sowing, pepper seeds are treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. I dive seedlings that have real leaves, feed them with standard mineral fertilizers and, of course, often, but in small doses, water them.
    To select Ratunda seeds, I choose large, fully ripened (but not overripe!) Fruits. I cut them with shears and place them in a warm place for ripening. Gathering seeds carefully. The obtained seeds are dried in a warm place for several days, and then folded in paper bags.

    If you have not yet decided which varieties of pepper you want to grow in your garden, stop at the Ratunda variety. I'm sure he will become your favorite.


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