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  1. Yulia MINYAEVA, Serpukhov

    Care of roses in the spring: what you need to do
    In summer, my hybrid tea roses are blooming, without false modesty, simply luxurious! And all because in April I spend the mandatory work.
    In the beginning I loosen the ground. The weeds which have appeared from soil are cut by chopper.
    For the winter, roses are barely pruned. But in the spring I am not in a hurry with this procedure - I am postponing it to the end of April or the first days of May. Think late? But on the bushes are clearly visible live buds, really sick shoots. First, I cut dry shoots to the ground level, as well as thickening the middle. Green branches cut off about half, and even on 2 / 3. The thinner the escape is, the lower I shorten it (I cut it off over a living kidney, departing about 1 cm from it). At the same time, I look in which direction this same kidney is directed, because a new shoot will grow in that direction. This is important if you do not want the bush to be thickened in the future.
    All sections are smeared with a water-based barcode. I do not like garden pitch - it melts strongly.

    In conclusion, I scatter a handful of granules with nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizer around each bush and lightly embed them into the soil with a rake.

    • OOO "Sad"

      At the beginning of April, I still shelter roses at daytime with covered roses. From the two-layer shelter I leave only one layer. At the same time, I recommend cutting the affected branches to a healthy tissue and treating the bushes, and then covering them again. If this procedure is postponed until May, as Julia advises, the disease will take over a large area.
      I do not advise you to smear wounds with a stroke: it certainly forms a film, but it is not an antiseptic. Instead of garden pitch, I use RanNet paste, which heals bark damage and disinfects cuts.
      After pruning, treat the roses with HOM (as instructed) or copper sulfate solution (100 g per 10 l of water). After two weeks it is useful to shed the soil around the bushes with a solution of Fitosporin. The next spraying of diseases (Abiga-Peak) and pests (Fitoverm, Iskra) plan in the first half of May, do not combine the treatments, but spend them at intervals of 10-14 days.


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