1. Dmitry Kharchevkin, Bryansk

    10 years ago, in the autumn, a car with apples came to our market from somewhere - beautiful, juicy and tasty. I bought, I eat, I look, and inside the sunflower seeds they hatch. I went to the garden, dug up the ground and planted a row of seeds.
    I come to the cottage in the spring, and the seedlings together all came up, one to one. We spent the summer, grew up on 30, see. In the fall, spread out, gave extra to relatives and neighbors in the cottage. For two years, apple trees are well grown, not sick.
    Another winter passed, and in the spring I began to use this technique. This simple method causes the activation of sap flow in a young tree and contributes to its intensive growth. I took aluminum wire, retreated from the ground around 30-40, and the trunk of the apple tree was spun with this wire - not very tight, but not to fall. This should be done in early May. Over the summer, the apple tree grows, its trunk thickens, the wire almost grows into it. Here it is necessary to remove the wire (somewhere in August) and wait.
    The next year I had no apples, and after another year I look, and my apple tree is blooming. By that time, it had grown powerful, so there was no waiting for such a nursery, the branches were spreading and strong - and there was nothing to cut out. The branches themselves grow so much that they do not interfere with each other, and up and in breadth.
    I did not tear off the color, it was not so much, and the tree was powerful. The apples were green in the summer, there was almost no visible foliage, and by the autumn they began to turn red. Sit tight, do not fall, except for one. I tried - ripe, juicy, strong, sweet-sour taste. The variety turned out to be autumn and even better than “mom”.

    In the end, slowly, in the first year I collected about three buckets. Thank you apple tree!
    Dear gardeners, good luck to you! Try, dare, experiment, it is so great - from a seed to grow a powerful tree!



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