1. Claudia

    Ostrotomatny snack
    Green tomatoes (4 kg) in the evening to dry, in the morning I cut into slices about half a centimeter thick and lay on the dish. I clean six heads of garlic (not cloves, namely the heads!), Six bell peppers (preferably red) and five or six hot peppers, clear the seeds and pass through a meat grinder. I pour 0,5 l of water into the bucket, add 250-300 g of sugar, 2 Art. l salt and put on fire. As soon as bubbles appear on the water, you need to mix everything thoroughly and, not allowing it to boil, turn off the fire. Then add to the bucket 2 Art. l vinegar essence and pour the liquid into a bowl with chopped garlic and pepper. Do not pour sediment out of the bucket!
    The result was a syrup with garlic-pepper dressing. Now turn on the fire again and set two pans. I add a little oil to them, just so that they are not dry, and spread the chopped tomatoes. They are quickly fried - you need to have time to turn them over so that the slices turn the color of olives. Immediately after this, I quickly remove them, put them in syrup and spread the next portion of tomatoes in pans. While they are fried, I take the first portion out of the syrup and transfer it to jars, etc.

    I close the banks with nylon caps. Such tomatoes are stored well and eaten quickly - with hot potatoes, and meat, and dumplings, and what an appetizer after a pile, can not be said in words!


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