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  1. A. KONOVALOVA Biysk

    Altai blackberry

    I ordered Agawam blackberries in an online store and planted in the brightest place in the fall. Buried on the root neck. I cut off all the shoots, leaving only stumps of 8-10 cm.

    In spring, the plant woke up, sprouted and grew well all season. But in the following winters, even warm, not-bent blackberries froze, and when trying to bend, most of the stems broke at the base.
    It turned out to collect very few berries, and they were tasteless, watery. Bushes due to improper planting were thickened and grew so much that they formed a continuous wall. Powerful shoots up to 3 m high hung over the garden path, spiked clothes with thorns, scratched the skin. They wanted to cut it down already. But one bush, growing outside the general row, was well lit by the sun and at the end of summer gave a decent harvest of berries of a pleasant taste. It was he who prompted how Agavam should be grown in our country.

    Now I plant seedlings no closer than 1 m from each other in one row. Constantly remove excess growth. For the winter I leave 5-6 well-ripened stems in the bush. After the snow melts, I cut out part of the shoots again, I leave 2-3 pieces in one bush. Feeding like raspberries. Propagate by root lignified offspring, transplant them in spring or autumn. But the main concern is to shelter for the winter.
    In late autumn, along a series of bushes, I horizontally strengthen a solid pole at a height of 30 cm from the ground and 30-40 cm from the base of the bushes. I bend through it the arcuate stems collected in bunches of 5-6 pieces, pin them to the ground with wire hooks. I sprinkle dry tops of tomatoes, potatoes and other plant debris on non-bent bushes. They not only warm the blackberry, but also prevent the snow from waking up. He lays down on top with an even continuous blanket. After a good snowfall, I still pour snow on the plants and from the sides, I fall asleep so that the cold air does not enter the blackberry.
    In particularly frosty winters, when the thermometer column dropped to minus 47 °, under a half-meter layer of snow, the blackberry wintered well and fruited normally in the summer.

  2. Lyudmila FROLOVA, Associate Professor, Ph.D. agricultural sciences.

    How to quickly cover a blackberry
    With the onset of autumn cold, take care of winterizing the annual shoots of blackberries for winter.
    The easiest option: remove these shoots from the trellis, lay them on the ground and secure with studs. Now it remains only to cover from above with any mulching material - spanbond, straw, peat, humus, sawdust.
    Important! In spring, the bushes need to be opened before the kidneys swell strongly and formative pruning is performed.
    It happens that the escape is difficult to tilt to the ground. In this case, tie a rope to its top, drive the stake into the row spacing, then, slowly pulling the rope, attach the end to the support as low as possible. Work carefully, even in several steps, so that the escape does not break.

    Sometimes, for sheltering a blackberry for the winter, wooden shields and other structures are used, under which the plants do not vypryvat and do not freeze

  3. Tatyana

    My family really loves blackberries. In caring for a plant, it is important to prune it properly.
    In spring, a creeping species in spring (late April) shortens long fruit-bearing shoots by a third (leaving about 1,5-1,7 m of the aerial part). I cut the stems from which the tops have dried up to a living kidney.
    I leave no more than 7 fruit-bearing shoots in the bush, and completely cut the rest. I tie the stems to the upper trellis wire. In the summer, I tie the growing young shoots to the lower wire.

    After fruiting, I delete the “used” lashes.
    In early spring blackberries, I cut the frozen shoots to a live bud and shorten the tops of the branches by 10 cm, from which I will harvest this year (I tie them to the trellis). At the beginning and end of summer, at the annual shoots I pinch the tops on 5 cm. Cut out the fruiting stems and burn them.


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