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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Strawberry blossoms well, but does not bear fruit. What is the reason?
    S. Dolin

    • OOO "Sad"

      - The reasons may be different.

      1. Weed plants. For example, blindfold is a weed similar to strawberries. Harvest does not, but blooms. Flowers a few days after opening, as if squinted, the berries do not form. Ruthlessly remove weed plants annually.
      2. Damage to raspberry-strawberry weevil. This is a black bug 2-3 mm long. It feeds on leaves, petioles, and later on - strawberry buds. The female gnaws the peduncle, which breaks from this. The bud dries and falls. If a pest is noticed, spray the plants with Actellic or Fufanon during budding (according to instructions). It is advisable to do this 5-6 days before flowering. Repeat processing after harvesting.
      3. Spring frosts. Strawberries damage flowers and ovaries, as a result of which the middle of the flower turns black. As a result, the berry will not be or it will be underdeveloped. The easiest advice is to cover the strawberries during the cold snap.
      4. Bad pollination. Heavy prolonged rains during the flowering period prevent bees and bumblebees from flying.

      Natalia KLAKOTSKA, Cand. of sciences

  2. Lyudmila B

    Care for strawberry beds begins in early spring. I make humus in the aisles (1 kg per 100 sq. M) with the addition of ash (5 g). At an average daily temperature of +XNUMX degrees, for protection against pests, I process the preparation No. CALL (according to the instructions). At the end of April, I spray the plants with a solution of Epin Extra (according to the instructions). This stimulates the active growth of bushes, helps them cope with unstable spring weather.


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