1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    More recently, felt cherries bloomed gorgeously in my garden. They are also decorative in the summer, from the end of June, when the branches are densely covered with light red garlands of berries. This delicious "dessert decor" I collect gradually, over 2-3 weeks.
    V. felt seedlings were planted in the ground along the fence in early spring, before the buds swelled. I chose sunny places where there is no stagnation of water.

    To make the plants compact and beautiful, I cut them off each spring, leaving up to 10-12 strong shoots. I delete dry (damaged by frost, which is rare), as well as branches thickening the crown.

    From moniliosis I carry out preventive treatments in the spring, along the “pink cone” (when all the buds are still closed, only two or three begin to open). I use the preparations “Chorus” and “Skor” (according to the instructions).
    But if it was not possible to avoid the disease (flowers, leaves or fruits suddenly wither and wither), I cut and burn the affected branches.


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