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  1. Tatyana Ermine

    Advise unpretentious types of cereals, from which you can start landscaping the site.

    • OOO "Sad"

      - The sheep is evergreen. Often it is confused with blue fescue. The color and somewhat similar shape are confusing, but the sheep’s bumps are slightly higher and more sprawling than those of the gray fescue. It tolerates frosts and summer droughts.
      Blue fescue. It grows rapidly, so every 2-3 years the plant needs to be renewed by division. Drought-resistant, grows better in the sun.
      Moliny is not afraid of dampness and shade, does not like too sunny and arid areas. The ideal soil for it is moist and fertile.
      Soddy pike. It feels great on soils of any acidity and composition. It forms a low green hummock with numerous panicles rising above it. When the bushes "bald", the plant is dug up, divided into several parts and planted.
      Sludge sedate varieties Bronze From. The foliage is brownish-golden. It is not cut for the winter; in spring, it has died out (whitened) and is easily removed by hand. Feels good both in the sun and in partial shade.
      Emperor is cylindrical with bright red cylindrical leaves. Unpretentious, withstands different growing conditions.
      Ophiopogon Niger, also called the Japanese lily of the valley. Low frost resistant plant with black leafy plates. Any garden soil and moderate watering is suitable for him; it grows better in partial shade for me.
      Millet is rod-shaped. It boasts not only attractive appearance, but also durability. Withstands both drought and waterlogging. A sunny flower garden with any soil is suitable for millet, although "poor" is preferable - the bush does not live on it and the color of the leaves is brighter.


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