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  1. Ekaterina Leonidovna DOBRUNOVA, Ivanovo region, the city of Kineshma

    For a long time I could not achieve a good harvest of garlic. And all because I could not give him due attention during the season - I visit the country only on weekends.

    Terms - Spartan
    Watering planting turned out only once a week. Our sandy soil dries so quickly in the summer heat that for the normal development of plants during this period, you need to run with buckets at least every other day.
    But I did not have such an opportunity.

    In addition, infertile soil annually required the introduction of a large amount of organic matter. The compost that I harvested from the weed was always small, and I could not afford buying manure. In such conditions, my garlic did not grow bulbs, but only survived for the season. And since organic and timely watering are paramount conditions for good growth for this vegetable, my harvest naturally left much to be desired. But a couple of years ago I found a way out of this situation and still do not rejoice at the result.
    Corral for your favorite culture
    The husband sawed across into three parts the sheets of the old slate. We dug them
    along the perimeter of the beds allocated for garlic. In the fall, I planted the cloves of garlic at the usual time. After planting, the land in the garden was leveled, and on top of it it was covered with fallen leaves, which it had gathered in the garden. The layer of leaves turned out 10-15 cm. In this form, I left the bed until spring.
    In the new season, the first time I arrived at the cottage, I was very surprised by the strong strong shoots of garlic. They, despite the dense layer of packed leaves, stood on the bed with a green wall. But the most pleasant thing awaited me in the summer.
    The sides of the slate did not allow water to flow during irrigation, and the layer of leaves held moisture in the soil so well that it remained moist until my next visit to the country.
    Under such conditions, my garlic grew by leaps and bounds, and in the end gave me a wonderful harvest, which I had never before had.

    After harvesting the bulbs, I immediately planted a bed of mustard and before planting new garlic I managed to patch its green mass into the soil. In the new season, the crop turned out to be even better, it increased every year because mustard and foliage every year when decaying abundantly enriched the soil with organic matter. Since then, I have planted garlic only in this way.

  2. Egor Stan

    Can dried garlic cloves be used for distillation on greens?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - If you set a goal to get as many green feathers as possible, then you should not use spoiled garlic. It may not sprout, be infected with a fungal infection, or produce a very small crop. If the goal is simply to use it so that it does not disappear, then soak dried (not rotten!) Cloves in water or diluted according to the instructions of Epin or Heteroauxin for a couple of hours. This procedure will restore elasticity to healthy garlic, give strength and significantly increase the chances of getting a winter crop of greens.

  3. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Dry garlic cloves were planted last year in early October (2 weeks before frosts) to a depth of about 6-7 cm in 10 cm from each other (between the rows left 20 cm). Before frost, I covered the plantations with lutrasil. This spring, when the snow melted, the shelter was removed. After the appearance of the first seedlings, she fed the garlic with a urea solution (1 tablespoons in 10 liters of water). Harvest large, as a selection, heads removed in mid-July.

    Olga FOMICHEVA, p. Trinity

  4. D. Yurashin Moscow Region

    Is it possible to plant purchased garlic?

    • OOO "Sad"

      Can. True, the result will be unpredictable. Garlic adapts well to the conditions of the locality where it grows, and in another region may, let’s say, not manifest itself. Adaptation sometimes takes 3-4 of the year. Therefore, it is best to get local garlic - at the market or from neighbors. Then you can collect bulbs from it, sow and get a large number of toothpicks for planting for next season. Moreover, they will already be adapted for your area.
      But the garlic bought in the store may not rise at all if it is treated with preparations that prevent germination. Planted in the ground, it is more likely to decay than to begin the vegetation.

  5. I. Telegin Kostroma region

    Why did I garlic large heads in this year, but each one has 3-5 teeth?

    • OOO "Sad"

      From year to year, I selected the largest cloves from the largest bulbs for planting. After all, what is the seed - such is the tribe. As a result, my own variety began to be obtained: moderately sharp, with large onions and ... very large teeth. But since there is not enough space around the arrow, the teeth, respectively, also became few. It is very convenient to clean such for food! One clove for lunch or dinner, but one person is enough, for convinced garlic-eaters I clean a couple of cloves. However, such a variety is disadvantageous for commercial production. After all, the crop is obtained all by itself-4 or self-5. While | when growing smaller cloves - self-10 or self-15.
      in ancient times, peasants so estimated the harvest - how many times more harvested than sown, such and "himself." L.USHMANSKAYA, amateur gardener


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