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    Why does the mulberry “cry” What about the mulberry trunk (pictured)?
    Olga Zalutskaya

    Mulberry in the Moscow region - varieties, planting and care

    • OOO "Sad"

      - In the photo - juice flow. And if, for example, the same cherry tries to fill in the damage to the bark with a natural balm - gum, then in mulberry, juice just flows from fresh wounds. And the wound can also run out of juice due to damage by pests (woodworkers, grinders, goldfish).
      What to do
      In early spring, carefully remove the dead bark along the edges of the wound,
      trying not to damage the living (green) bark. Disinfect the surface with a solution of copper sulfate (20-30 g per 1 liter of water) and coat with garden varnish (garden paint).
      If you find holes in the cortex from pests, use a syringe to inject an insecticide solution (Actara, for example) into these passages, and then cover the wound with balsam.
      The photo shows that the rupture of tissues occurred along an acute fork in the skeletal branches, and these are the consequences of the incorrect formation of the crown. To prevent further breaking of the bifurcation, fix the branches after putting on the wound with a screed. For the future: plan for mulberry pruning (sanitary or shaping, but gentle in any case) after the end of active sap flow (after the leaves open). Coat all large sections with garden var.
      Julia KONDRATENOK, Cand. agricultural sciences


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