1. Irina Gurieva

    At the end of November, it's time to start distilling hyacinths and daffodils - you will receive flowering in late January-February.
    Bulbs are planted in containers with drainage holes in a substrate of high peat and sand (3: 1), buried on 2 / 3. To make the flower stalks stronger, water the plants with a solution of calcium nitrate (2 g per 1 l of water).

    Keep hyacinths at a temperature of + 24 degrees: the first week - in the dark, then - in the light. At the beginning of flowering, reduce the temperature to + 15 ... + 18 deg.
    Keep daffodils in the open at the initial temperature of + 12 ... + 15 degrees, then increase to + 18 degrees, and when flowering begins, return to + 12 ... + 15 degrees.


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