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  1. I. Pashkevich Chelyabinsk

    They write that Chinese plum is very winter-hardy and its fruits are fragrant and tasty. If she comes from China, where it is warmer than ours, where does winter hardiness come from?

    • OOO "Sad"

      Chinese plum really comes from China. There she was first domesticated. From there I got to the Far East, and after the conquest of this region in the XII century. the Manchus became wild, giving rise to their new variety - the Manchu plum.
      In 1870, under the name "Japanese", Chinese plum was introduced from Japan to California, from where it spread widely through the gardens of North and South America and even Australia.
      But the answer to the question why this sink is not cold in Russia is simple. We are growing Ussuri subspecies, and it is really able to tolerate frost up to 50 °.
      The fruits of Chinese plum taste different from the fruits of home plum. The pulp of a Chinese woman is fibrous, crunchy and juicy, but a pleasant aroma reminiscent of melon or apricot is especially attractive. The fruits are quite large (3-6 cm), of different shapes and colors.
      Chinese plum is popular in the continental parts of our country, where ordinary plum freezes or even dies in harsh winters. And in the south, Chinese plum did not take root: the southern varieties of ordinary plum are much larger and sweeter. Gardeners in the middle zone are advised to test varieties not only of ordinary plums, but also of Chinese, and choose the best in your conditions.


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