1. Natalia DORONINA

    Save the pear from the tick
    Young pears often already come from nurseries to our gardens with a gall mite, and drought in May contributes to its development. If you do nothing, then soon the branches will begin to blacken and dry out the leaves.
    The first treatment from the pest had to be done before the swelling of the kidneys (Actel-face, Omayt). When the pear blossoms (and also immediately after flowering), the crown should be sprayed with Tiovit Jet (an easily soluble sulfur preparation).

    After a week, prepare an infusion of onion husks and treat them with pears 2-3 times with an interval of 10-14 days (fill half a bucket of onion husks with water heated to +65 degrees, leave for a day, strain and dilute in half). The composition is not stored.
    Collect fading leaves in a bag and burn.


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