1. Anastasia VOROBYEVA, Novosibirsk

    Three tricks to help ripen blackberries

    Blackberries in the middle zone and to the north do not always have time to ripen over the summer. To correct the situation will help a few tricks.
    1. The sooner the bushes wake up after the winter, the earlier they will begin to bear fruit. But there is a nuance: in the autumn I sprinkle rotten manure under the trunk circle, lapnik with lapnik, and cover the shoots laid on the ground with a layer of dense span bond. Under such a “fur coat” the soil cannot warm up quickly. But if in early spring all the shelter is removed immediately, the blackberry will freeze. Therefore, she adopted the experience of one agronomist: when a constant positive temperature is established (approximately in the first half of April), I remove the shelter, but temporarily put over the blackberry arcs on which I stretch the white spanbond. It turns out a greenhouse, in which the bushes are not afraid of nighttime cooling and return frosts. At the same time, I get the first crop at least two weeks earlier.
    2. I do the same in the fall, when significant temperature changes begin during the day, and even more so before frost: I remove the blackberry whips from the support and hide them under the greenhouse. This will add from two weeks to a month to the fruiting period.
    3. When the temperature in autumn and day approaches zero, but at the same time there are still a lot of green berries on the branches of the blackberry, I cut such shoots and put them in a vase of water at home. Fruits ripen in a bouquet.


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