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  1. Oleg KITSENKO, experienced florist, p. Koshkino, Rostov Region

    Peonies are favorites of the gods and many gardeners. The handsome men prefer light areas in the garden or partial shade.

    They can grow in the shade, but flowering will be meager and not annual. My peonies practically do not get sick. Sometimes their leaves brighten, but the solution of Iron Chelate or Ferrilen helps to cope with the disease (according to the instructions). In order for the “caps” of inflorescences to be magnificent, at the end of May I feed plantings with potassium-phosphorus fertilizers. In the summer heat, I must water the bushes, preventing the earthen coma from drying out, since after flowering the plants lay the buds of the renewal of the next year.

  2. Natalia

    Peonies are well fed (in May-June) with fermented bread must (soak 500-600 g breadcrumbs for a day in a bucket of warm water). Pour a liter and a half under the bush. From above it is desirable to mulch with peat, earth. At the same time, against the fungal diseases, it is necessary to drip 2-3 tablets of “Gliocladin” into the trunk circles in the trunk circles to a depth of 4 cm.


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