1. Irina KOROZA

    Acidic fertilizers (ammonium and potassium sulfate) or special mineral fertilizers for rhododendrons, heathers, azaleas are ideally suited for panicle hydrangea. After the traditional spring top dressing (at the beginning of the growing season) with a complete complex fertilizer, I treat the bushes a second time (during the period of inflorescences) with fertilizer for crops that love “acidity”, or add a little vinegar, citric acid to the water. I carry out the third similar top dressing during the mass flowering of “panicles”. For the fourth time - at the end of flowering - I water with a solution of superphosphate and potassium sulfate (1 tbsp / jl of water).
    Nuances and Secrets
    Planted in a well-tucked pit, hydrangeas are fed only in the next season.
    Before the first buds appear, I spray the bushes over the leaves with a solution of the “Bud” preparation (10 g / 10 l of water).
    2-4 times per season, I water the soil under the plants with a slightly colored solution of potassium permanganate.


Reviews and Tips

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