Our 6 acres - all about the dacha, the garden and the site.

Every summer resident knows that the efforts in the garden and the work on the site bring not only fatigue, but also simple human pleasure from the work done.

Dacha garden and garden - all with their own hands

Many of us maintain gardens, not only because of a lack of vegetables or fruits. This is a completely different matter. In the joy that the work done at the cottage with our own hands changes our little 6 acres for the better and transforms them, and everything planted and grown on the site is a great addition to our table. With what joy we are waiting for spring to start our troubles in the garden, as well as the improvement and seasonal repair of our summer house. With what trepidation we try to make a swing for our grandson or, for example, do the construction of a bathhouse at our cottage with our own hands, knowing that it will thank us with warmth and steam after a hard day.

On our website, we try to give planting recommendations and tips on growing and caring for various varieties of fruits and vegetables, as well as provide answers to those questions that are most often encountered by beginners or even experienced gardeners. On its pages we talk about breaking down the fruit garden and caring for the trees in it. Here you can find practical advice on arranging a flower garden and cultivating flowers in it to decorate your garden so that it is unique and does not look like any other.

These tips are obtained through many years of their own experience, and are given by recognized experts in the field of truck farming and gardening. We hope that they will be useful to you and help you in obtaining high yields.