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  1. A GUEST

    White currant is not an independent botanical species. The name "white" is an economic term. This is the same red currant, in which varieties with fruits having a cream or pale pink color are simply bred. Therefore, the properties and requirements of white and red currants for growing conditions
    are identical. Growing them next to it is very beneficial for obtaining guaranteed cross-pollination. Their root system lies deeper than that of black, and is more extensive. Therefore, they are more drought-resistant and even poorly tolerate excess moisture in the soil, so it is better to plant a black currant in the lowland.

  2. vit

    I want to plant a white currant in spring. Can I plant it next to the red currant? And there is a free place on my site in the lowland. How does the white currant relate to moist soils and does it need some special care in comparison with other currant species?


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