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  1. Alina Verbitskaya

    Last year, planted terry begonias. The first flowers were large, but not terry. Why did it happen so?

    • OOO "Sad"

      The appearance of non-flour flowers in begonias is common for this plant.
      Simply on the bush of a terry begonia, same-sex flowers of two kinds develop - double masculine (similar to roses) and non-feminine females (less spectacular).
      In this case, male and female flowers bloom at different times (this avoids pollination of female flowers by pollen from the same plant).

      If you do not want ordinary buds to blossom on your terry begonia, just delete these flowers with seed buds as they appear (as soon as they are tied). This is only for the benefit of begonia, which will not be wasted in wasting nutrients on "defective" flowers.

  2. Olga POROZHNYA, Kaluga Region

    I do not have a cellar or a cellar, so I keep tubers of some flowers in the refrigerator and on the loggia.
    But they are always at hand, and you can at any time make an audit, check how they feel.
    In the autumn, the dug-out tubers of begonias are dried, I fall asleep with peat, then I put it in a paper bag and put it in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator. Bulbs gladioli prepare and store the same, but do not fall asleep with peat. After the autumn drying, I put the tubers of dahlias in cardboard boxes, pouring sawdust. I put the cloth on top, close the boxes and store them on the glassed-in loggia. In severe frosts in winter, the husband takes them to an unheated pantry, where the temperature is about 15 °.
    Approximately once a month I conduct a revision of planting material. I look, do not rotten tubers of dahlias. If I notice the damage, cut off to a healthy place, lower the cut for 30 min. in the solution of the contact fungicide (these affect only the place of application, not penetrating the interior of the plant), then slightly dried and greased with a green. Often the cause of putrefaction in high humidity. To get rid of this, it is enough to wrap each tuber in newsprint and periodically change it. If the noggings of begonia begin to dry up, then I moisten the peat with water from the spray gun. If, after 3 days, the tubers are not restored, I put the cellophane on top of the paper bag on 2 day.


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