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    Why the hydrangea does not bloom
    I bought a hydrangea tree and planted it on the most lit place. When planting, we improved our sour soil by adding ash. But 2 my hydrangea grew poorly, gave weak shoots and did not flower.
    I began to understand this question and found out that hydrangea loves acidic moist soil and blooms only on it. Since the root system of the tree hydrangea is superficial, it suffers greatly from overdrying, and dehydrated rootlets are not restored. In translation from the Latin "hydrangea" even means "a vessel with water".
    In early spring, I spilled the soil well and transplanted the hydrangea with a clod of earth. The place was chosen on the eastern side of the house in the penumbra,
    next to put a barrel of water. In the same year the plant gave strong shoots and flourished blossomingly. Look closely at your beauties hydrangeas, maybe they need a transplant?


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