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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    The growth and flowering of the violets of the violets depend on the lighting. The peduncles are formed only if the plants have enough light.

    For the senpolia to bloom, they must receive light within 12-14 hours. When grown on a window, they get so much from late March - early April to late September. During this period, a large amount of organic matter is formed in the process of photosynthesis in violets. Plants have the ability to accumulate them, and part without any damage to themselves to spend on flowering.
    In late autumn and winter, when the day in the middle zone becomes almost half as long, photosynthesis no longer provides senpolia with food. They begin to spend the accumulations of nutrients accumulated during the spring-summer period and the beginning of autumn, as a result of which they are depleted. This is facilitated by the high temperature in the room with central heating, and the accompanying low air humidity. Plants overnight spend more time on breathing than they accumulate in a day.

    If you want violets to please you with flowering and in winter, arrange additional lighting for them, preferring fluorescent lamps. It is best to have the power of 36-30 W and the length of 120 cm. Lamps should be at a distance of 30-50 cm from the plants. A more accurate distance to you will prompt your violets. If there is enough light, the leaves are horizontal, with a lack of it, they go up, and with excess light they bend down through the edge of the pot.

  2. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Very interestingly written!
    Svetlana Samoilova, your author

  3. Larisa LOPUKHINA, Leningrad Region

    Space Violets
    We fell in love with Uzbek violets at first sight and now we plant these fancy flowers at home that we can admire all year round. They are not very capricious I, although temperature equilibrium is important for nickname. Drafts are harmful 'as well as heat, and direct sunlight can burn delicate leaves. It is better if the lighting is scattered. You need to water it with warm, settled (without Chlorine) water, without falling onto the leaves and into the center of the outlet. If waterlogging is allowed, the root system may begin to rot. Therefore, before landing, it is necessary to lay out the drainage - for example, expanded clay. The container is best used clay, with drainage holes.
    In soil it is necessary to add sand for looseness and floral top dressing - the pots are important nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. It is desirable to transplant plants once a year.
    Our favorite varieties are the Milky Way and Starfall. The amazing texture of their delicate purple petals - pink specks, flashes, borders, fringed edges - fully corresponds to these poetic names and goes well with the deep green foliage.

  4. Inna K.

    Probably, each of us has a favorite pastime, which is not a pity for neither effort, nor time, nor money. I have such an occupation - flowers. A special place in terms of diversity and abundance among my indoor flowers is occupied by violets (senpolia). I want to tell you about them.
    Now I have about thirty varieties of domestic and foreign breeding. And once believed that they are only pink and purple, because only those I knew in my childhood.
    Once I got a magazine in my hands where photos of beautiful violets were printed. Such beauties wanted to settle and at home. First I grew plants from cuttings obtained from friends, then I wrote out, my friends gave me, and my collection grew. Selection does not stand still. Every year there are new interesting varieties.
    The most common mistake when growing senpolia is the use of large pots. You should not use large dishes, otherwise growth will go to the leaves and such a plant will bloom less often and not so abundantly. Too spacious dishes lead to rotting of the roots. The best option for an adult plant is the size of the pot 6 cm high and 7 cm in diameter. This size of the pot gives additional stimulation to flowering.
    The material of which the pot is made is very important. Plants will feel best in plastic pots - they are cheaper, easier to clean, plants in them can be watered less often, since moisture does not evaporate through the pores.
    Year-round cuttings well root in both water and soil, but do not put them on a cold sill. The soil for the city is usually bought in the shop, and sometimes I make it myself. It should be light, loose
    and breathable. You can add vermiculite to the soil mixture (about 1: 5) - it absorbs water when it is in excess, and returns it to the plant when necessary. In general, violets are unpretentious, you just need to know that they do not like direct sunlight (burns appear), drafts, cold water and heavy soil. Flowering requires a 12-hour daylight. In the summer, there is enough light, and for the senpolia to please the flowering, they need to be illuminated with fluorescent lamps. Some varieties bloom continuously for up to three consecutive months, then “rest” for about a month and again pick up buds. Love violets just as I love them.

  5. Olga S.

    The leaves of violets must be washed to remove dust. In winter, this is done 1-2 times a month, in the summer - every week. To do this, bring the pot to the tap, tilting it slightly, wash the leaf outlet under a weak stream of slightly warm water so that the ground does not erode. Then the plant is cleaned in a warm place so that it dries. After water procedures, you can not put flowers in a cool place, otherwise light spots will appear on the leaves.

  6. Natalia

    How to remove dust from the leaves of violets? Can I wash them?

  7. Natalia

    Thank you! Written sensibly and pleasantly. I will try to act according to the rules.


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