1. OOO "Sad"

    In recent years, getting a good harvest of potatoes is difficult because of the hot weather. I tried many varieties, choosing the best.

    I got three new ones: Yana, Unica and Giant. The seedlings were friendly, spud in the first weeding, as I had heard that these varieties are tall. When the time came for flowering, I was delighted! In all three varieties, the bushes are very powerful, stems one and a half meters high and above. Yana bloomed with snow-white flowers, Unica - pale lilac, Giant - red-violet rapidly falling flowers.

    I was afraid that all the energy would be spent on the growth of stems, and there would be no tubers. It's time to harvest, the bushes of other varieties have dried up, and these are green, I had to mow them, and clean them in a week. Productivity exceeded all expectations! Unique: 15 buckets grew from one planted bucket, Giant - 10, Yana -8.
    Having these varieties in my beds, I was convinced that it is possible to grow a good crop on a small area. Unica is a super-yielding variety suitable for growing on any kind of soil. The stems are brownish, good taste, well stored (up to two years), tubers are large, without voids, saturated pink with creamy flesh, well boiled. Thanks to the double skin, the variety is resistant to diseases and pests, is not afraid of rain and drought. In a powerful tops, weeds practically do not grow.

    The same can be said about Yana. And the Giant does not degenerate for a long time, guarantees stably high yields. The tubers are large, the skin is light beige, the eyes are shallow, reddish, the pulp is beige. Taste at a height, the tubers do not boil, but become tender and crumbly.
    I can send a few potatoes to everyone who wants them.


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