1. Julia KUPINA, Belgorod region

    Echinacea grows in my flower garden not so long ago, but I fell in love with it right away. This plant is quite unpretentious, blooms for a long time - from the end of June until the fall - and is an excellent honey plant.

    Therefore, if you have an apiary, be sure to plant echinacea.
    The flower grows well in open places (even under the rays of the scorching sun), and in the penumbra. In general, Echinacea easily adapts to any conditions, but optimal for it are fertile, drained soils. It is advisable to lime them from time to time.
    I planted echinacea on the hill, where there is no flooding and overmoistening,
    so as not to provoke a disease. The plant tolerates a drought normally, but still in periods of prolonged heat I water it in the morning or in the evening.

    Every 4-5 years, Echinacea bushes need to be divided. I prefer to do this in the early spring, before the shoots begin to grow. You can propagate echinacea and seeds (for this they must be planted in February-March for seedlings or in May immediately into the open ground). However, the germination capacity of seeds is not very high.
    Winter echinacea without shelter. But a young plant is desirable in the early years to cover for the winter foliage.


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