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    I have neither a greenhouse, nor even a folding greenhouse. I plant all the seeds in the soil at the same time in one bed: early cabbage, various varieties of tomatoes, peppers and eggplant, and at the end - 2-3 rows of carrots. I water, put arcs and cover everything with a film, which I sprinkle with earth on one edge, and on the other - I press with boards and bricks. I do not open until emergence. Then everything is as usual: regular airing, watering, weed removal. And my whole vegetable family is growing very closely with me, no one offends anyone.
    My friends also arrange “communal apartments” in every garden, and nothing - no one has ever complained about a poor harvest. So if the author did not have the seeds sprouted, then the point here is not at all their close proximity. Apparently, the reader was too smart with the regime of cultivation, or maybe the land was barren.


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