1. O. PETROVA, Magnitogorsk

    The cabbage has grown, and if the seedlings were saved from the scoop, now we are preparing to meet another pest - the cabbage fly.
    On our cabbage, for many years, there are no cabbage fly caterpillars, because we plant high marigolds between the rows of cabbage (more than 70 cm in height). At us their name is saffron. Over time, they rise above the rows of cabbage and their specific odor scare away the butterflies of the cabbage fly. What we do not get is a spa-
    cabbage from the invasion of slugs in the second half of the summer. Cabbage grows, the lower leaves touch the ground, and it is impossible to cultivate the land against slugs. We will be grateful if anyone can give advice on this issue. We read that gardeners are escaping slugs with the help of toads and frogs, but this is not suitable for us, because there is no pond nearby and there is nowhere to winter this living creature. Tell us how you cope with the invasion of the fly.


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