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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    In the new season I want to ennoble the balcony with flowering plants. Which is better to choose?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - The most important rule for a balcony flower garden is to combine plants so that they bloom in turn and delight you from spring to late autumn. Usually the choice falls on annuals. Land them, given the location of the balcony. If it goes to the south side of the house, you can use heat-loving plants (verbena, phlox, purslane, gaillardia, aster, rudbeckia, kobe, sweet peas, Wittrock violet, snapdragon), and flowers that prefer shade or partial shade (fuchsia) are suitable for northern windows , begonia, forget-me-not, tenacious creeper, periwinkle, lobelia, ageratum, tunbergia, coleus, ivy, cineraria). But geranium, viola, calendula, petunia, reseda, nasturtium and marigolds can grow both in the shade and in the sun. They are best planted on the western and eastern windowsills.

      It is very important to acquire the seeds of low-growing plants. High grades look awkward, and in the worst case, they break and fall from the windowsill. Consider gusts of wind if the balcony is not glazed or is often aired. If it is located on the upper (last) floors, the wind is always stronger there. In such cases, only the lowest flowers can be planted so that their stems do not break and bend.
      Irina KOROZA

  2. Elena Dmitrievna SOKOLOVA, Ryazan

    Advise which plants, except geranium, can be grown on the balcony?

    • OOO "Sad"

      There are lots of flowers that can decorate the space of the balcony. on the balcony
      Here you will feel great and look, especially if the balcony is on the sunny side, hibiscus. Enrich the environment fuchsia, however, will have to take care that the wind does not break the plants. In a light shadow will show the beauty of the balsam. Care for them will have the same way as at home. Each will have their own requirements and preferences. But one thing will become common to them: in the summer, all the plants listed adore spraying with water. In this case, the grower will have to ensure that no pests reach the plants in the open air.

      In general, multicolored pots look great on the balcony, which you can not only put, but also hang on the railing. They are comfortable using 8 and will become a real boon for the design of your green balcony, giving it not only style, but also a certain charm.

  3. Tatyana DUNKINA, Ulyanovsk

    In summer, I always keep the door to the balcony open, so that the entire apartment is filled with a floral scent.
    I do not have allergies, so I can afford to grow on the balcony dope, matthiol, heliotrope and other fragrant flowers. But at the same time I do not plant all these species. If you plant many plants with a pronounced aroma on a closed balcony at once, unrestrained fragrance can lead to headaches.

    I do so. I plant, for example, a heliotrope, which produces a delicate vanilla scent, and side by side, so that the balcony is bright and colorful, I place flowers practically without any scent. I like very much mahrovoy and ampelnuyu petunia. I supplement all this with a multicolored creeping lobelia, which I grow in long boxes. For the interspersing of white I plant the alimsum Primavera Princess.

    This is also a soil plant and has a very pleasant smell of honey. And most importantly, in my fragrant flowerbed - it blooms continuously from the end of June until mid-September. Sometimes after a hard working day I sit on a stool in the midst of this splendor and just admire silently. Fatigue relieves at hand!


    Seeds of alissum I sow on seedlings in the beginning of April. The heated soil from peat and sand (3: 1) is poured into the box, leaving to the top 5 see. I sprinkle some seeds on the soil. Crops I moisten from the nebulizer and cover with a film. Germinate at a temperature of about + 20

    At the same time, the seeds of the ageratum (superficially, on the moist soil) and covered with polyethylene. Two weeks after the emergence of seedlings seedling dive. For better bushing, in grown-up seedlings, I pinch the growth point.

    Seeds of marigolds, nasturtiums, marigolds are planted immediately in balcony containers in early May. At the bottom I put the drainage. The soil mixture is prepared from equal parts of compost, turf ground, coarse sand with perlite.

  5. Tatiana MURATOVA, Nizhnekamsk

    Sowing flowers for the balcony garden can be done now. Place drainage at the bottom of the flowerpots. Then fill them with nutrient soil, water it and spread the seeds on the soil surface. In the center, place the seeds of tall plants (delphinium, ornamental cypress), then - medium height (carnations, marigolds, asters) and along the edges of flowerpots - undersized or ampelous (purslane, nasturtium, petunia). Sprinkle the crops with soil and cover with foil. Place in the shade until emergence.
    When the seeds germinate, place the pots on the windowsill. Regularly water plants and twice a month feed them with fertilizers for flowering crops. Equip the backlight. To flowers better bush, periodically spend on their crowns hand. I do not know exactly the mechanism of this effect, but it works better than pinching.
    Thanks to such actions by May, the plants on my windowsill usually bloom, and I put them on the balcony. First only for a day, bringing it home at night. And then, when the flowers adapt to the street conditions, I keep them on the balcony all the time.

  6. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    The glazed balcony, on which the air temperature does not fall below -5 ° C, can be completely landscaped in winter. The main thing is to choose the right plants: beautiful and cold-resistant. So, lying berry gaulteria, spiky gaulteria, pyracantha and cranberries will become excellent “berry” candidates.

    Good in balcony compositions are coniferous and evergreen plants, for example, Fortuna Colorosa sprites with variegated leaves or nandina home, whose leaves fall in the fall red. It is important: if an earth clod freezes, even such stoics of the plant world may die.
    Therefore, pots with "pets" should be insulated with a bubble wrap and burlap, put a sheet of foam under the container and cover the substrate with peat or sawdust.

  7. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Who is who: petunia and minutunia
    Can you please tell me the difference between Petunia and Minutunia? I'm confused in these names, but I'm more concerned about not the classification, but the possible difference in care. Valentina Karpova, Moscow Region

    • Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

      The genus Petunia has about 25 species. A petunia hybrid (garden) was obtained by crossing the petunias of the axillary and petunia violet. Numerous varieties of hybrid petunia have been identified, they are divided into four groups: large-flowered, multicolor, floribunda and ampel. In large-flowered petunias, the diameter of the flower reaches 10 cm, but the corolla tissue is soft, so the varieties of this group suffer from bad weather. Varieties of the multicolor group are characterized by abundant flowering.
      The floribunda group occupies an intermediate position between the first two. Petal petunias are long (1.5-2 m), hanging shoots strewn with flowers of diameter 4-9, see. Not so long ago, the surfinia, one of the american petunia varieties, was very popular. However, the surfium can be propagated only vegetatively. Now there was even more fashionable group - minutunia. Varieties from this group are characterized by abundant and long flowering, the length of shoots reaches 90 cm, diameter of flowers 3-5 see. Flowers are resistant to bad weather, especially to rain and temporary cold snap. The series includes hybrids Coral Crash, Rose, Bluestorm, Ivory, Rose Wayne, and others.
      Minutunium is grown in seedlings, seeds are sown in February, and reflux is used. It is desirable that before the emergence of shoots, the room temperature should be about 24 ° C. The soil should be loose, nutritious, well retaining moisture. In the phase of two real leaves, young plants are dived into pots, then every 10 days they are fed with a complex fertilizer. The best seedlings develop at a temperature of 15-18 ° C and good light. Do not overmoisten the soil. Shoots twice pinch: when their length reaches 10 and 15, see.
      Flowering occurs approximately three months after emergence. Plant minitunium in well-lit areas, you can grow it in pots or as a ground cover plant. Ampelnoe petunia should often be watered and twice a month fed. Some varieties form many seeds, it is recommended to cut off for a more lush blossom of a capsule with seeds.

  8. Ekaterina TONKOVA, city of Kirov

    My guests are always surprised when they see in their plates ... flowers! But what's so strange? Among the plants that flower growers grow on balconies, there are many that are useful and look very beautiful in dishes.
    Let's start with the flower queen - roses. Firstly, I note that only compact varieties are suitable for balconies: tea, discount, decorative ground cover. Secondly, the containers for them should be quite roomy. Thirdly, roses do not need to be placed in an unventilated place - there they will “suffocate” and bloom poorly. And in cooking it is pink petals that are used. They give the bakery taste of strawberries and green apples. I also add rose petals to homemade wine - its taste from this only becomes deeper and more unusual. Do not put a bitter cup-core in food.
    Low-growing varieties of chrysanthemums feel great both indoors and on balconies. And the bitter petals of this plant are widely used in Japanese cuisine - they are put in various salads, main dishes and even sandwiches. This is exactly the case when a flower supplement makes dishes more useful, since the chrysanthemum contains a high content of trace elements, provitamin A and vitamin C.
    Viola is a rather unpretentious plant, but it will bloom magnificently only in good light. So it should be planted on such balconies, where most of the day the sun's rays fall. I really like to add the sweetish petals of this flower to side dishes, salads and drinks.
    Nasturtium has a shallow root system, so it is also suitable for landscaping balconies. Her fragrant flowers with a spicy taste I use when cooking salads.
    Ekaterina TONKOVA, city of Kirov

  9. Lyudmila NIKOLAEVA, Ulyanovsk

    Staggered landings
    I do not have a summer house, so I grow flowers only on the balcony.
    In this area, you will not turn around very much, and yet my balcony pleases the eye from early spring to late autumn. Plants of different periods of flowering planted in boxes in a checkerboard pattern, which allows you to gradually replace one another, without disturbing the overall decorativeness of the balcony flower garden. While the early blooms, the later ones are gaining strength and are preparing for flowering. Then I remove the effluent, partially replace the soil and in their place I plant new seedlings.
    By September, it is necessary to remove petunias, lobelia, balsamins, geraniums.
    These plants do not tolerate even weak frosts. Remains the most cold-resistant. These are small marigolds, annual phlox and silver cineraria. Openwork leaves of cineraria remain beautiful even after the first snowfalls.
    With the onset of cold nights, a small amount of land in the boxes quickly cools. When the temperature of the soil decreases, the absorption of nutrients by the roots is impaired. Therefore, it is better not to apply fertilizers to the soil, but to carry out foliar top dressing with complex preparations.

  10. Maria FEDOROVA, city of Saratov

    Balcony, drowning in flowers
    I don’t have a family estate with greenhouses and flower beds. But there is a balcony that I can be proud of, because this is a real flower garden. I would like to see balconies pleasing to the eyes with magnificent blossoms in our cities as much as possible, therefore I tell how to organize all this.
    My con-pollen ball is facing the sunny side. Last year, I put needle and terry asters in containers, and this year - stunted dahlias. I placed them on the facade of the balcony. Sweet pea curls on the side walls. And on the lower shelves located on the outside of the balcony, various types of petunias bloom. Feel great under hot
    rays of the sun are also balsam, verbena and viola.
    But the neighbor, whose balcony goes north, grows fuchsia and begonia. To protect them from pests, she also plans to plant marigolds.
    My experience suggests that the most practical solution for a balcony is plastic containers. They retain moisture better, do not overheat in the sun. I buy soil in a store. Since it quickly depletes, I add 1 tsp to the water once a week to water it. complex mineral fertilizer for indoor plants. This is enough for the season. But in the spring I completely replace the soil in containers with a new one.


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