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  1. Elena KALENSKAYA Korosten

    Well, chickpeas!
    Chickpeas, or mutton peas, I began to grow specifically for soups. It is larger than usual sweet peas, very tasty, grows on 1 or 2 peas in a pod.
    Before planting, I soak the chickpeas for 2-3 days in a moist gauze, folded in several layers, from time to time I moisten the fabric with water. On the designated bed I make shallow grooves at a distance of about 20-25 cm. I sprinkle them with ash and sow the peas at a small distance - about 10 cm from each other.
    I sprinkle grooves with the earth and spill well with water. I spend watering every other day until shoots appear. After that, I start to water less often - once every 1-3 days. I do not add fertilizers, peas grows well without them. I plant dill next to peas, whose aroma repels many pests.
    I harvest when the peas are dry. I clean from the pods, dry in the sun 3-5 days. I store in a glass jar under the lid.
    Elena GORODISHENINA, Krasnodar Region

  2. Eldar MOKHOV, Tula

    Grow chickpeas for healthy dishes

    Turkish peas, or chickpeas, refer to legumes.
    Just like them, it enriches the soil with useful elements, especially nitrogen. And chickpeas are very suitable for dietary nutrition, contains a lot of vegetable protein and is a worthy alternative to meat.
    What else do I like in chickpeas, and no-national in "mutton peas", so it's its unpretentiousness. Even on barren lands, it yields a good harvest. I heard that impoverished fields are sown on this industrial scale on an industrial scale, and then wheat and many other crops grow fine on them.
    We also try every time to sow it in different parts of the garden, and after harvesting
    we spread the green mass on the garden bed, chop it with a shovel, fill it with earth on top - and the next year we get a garden with beautiful fertile soil.
    And we begin the sowing in late April - early May, since chickpeas are cold-resistant and tolerate frosts even up to -5 °. It is important to set aside a plant territory where the last 2 years no herbicides have been used to destroy weeds - it will grow very poorly in such a bed. We dig the soil and carefully select the roots of weeds. Weekly water and shallow on loose soil - this is especially important at the initial stage of plant development.


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