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  1. Tatyana

    Phlox is found literally in every garden. But she noticed that lately amateur flower growers have not favored these luxurious flowers - all in pursuit of clematis and roses. I don’t cheat on my favorites, and every summer they give me magical blooms.
    Most of all I like the white phloxes of the varieties Polar Bear and Bogdan. When I approach them in the evening, I inhale the intoxicating aroma-it seems that I was in paradise or on some exotic island.
    Phlox - flowers are capricious, grow on different soils, but I always try to create the most favorable conditions for them. Before planting (phlox can be planted both in spring and autumn), I bring in coarse-grained sand (0,5 buckets), compost or rotted manure (2 buckets), mineral fertilizers (70 g). All this - based on 1 square. m
    During the summer I feed 3 times: early spring, mid June and late July. Top dressing is: infusion of mullein 1: 5, 30 g of wood ash and 100 g of bird droppings. Before top dressing and after a good watering. And my phloxes respond with lush bloom.
    And a few more comments. Do not plant phlox in the lowlands and under the trees - there is little sun for them. I do not plant near even undersized flowers, although phloxes are quite tolerant of any neighbors - they share moisture and fertilizing with them.
    And the flower is really magical. Sometimes I forget to water or feed it in time, it does not offend, it survives and, it seems, from one of my affectionate glances the flame of bright flowers lights up again.

  2. Dmitriy

    Is it possible to propagate phlox without division, keeping shrubs?


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