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  1. Irina Gurieva

    Did Senpolia begin to fade? If you want to prolong their flowering, install fluorescent lamps next to these beauties (highlight 12-14 hours). Otherwise, put the plants in a light cool place. Water moderately, sometimes loosen the surface of the earth in a pot.

  2. Tatyana

    Watch out for the humidity of the air. If it is dry, the buds will dry out of the violet.
    The senpolias, located on wick irrigation on the windowsill, in winter need a temperature of at least +18 degrees. Otherwise, remove the violet from the wick. To stimulate the flowering of violets in winter, good lighting should be at least 12 hours a day. If it is impossible to arrange illumination, it is better to stimulate the violet to bloom and pick the buds until about the end of February. Then transplant the plant into a fresh substrate, after 1,5-2 months, feed it with fertilizer with a high phosphorus content and then fertilize according to the standard scheme - once every 1-2 weeks according to the instructions. In this case, a rested violet will delight in spring with abundant flowering.

  3. Logvinova Olga

    I want to share my proven tips on fertilizing indoor plants.
    ■ For me it was a discovery that glucose can be used as a top dressing, which is sold in a pharmacy. One tablet of glucose is diluted in a liter of water, this solution I water or spray plants not more than once a month.
    ■ I also recommend the use of crusts of mandarins and oranges. I chop the citrus of citrus, fill it with about a third of a liter jar, pour it over with boiling water. I insist on "citrus fertilizer" for 24 hours. Then, I filter, I bring the volume of the infusion to a liter of clean water and water the flowers.
    ■ An excellent product - wood ash, which contains potassium,
    phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc and even sulfur. Ash can be simply mixed with the soil when transplanting plants. So you not only make the ground substrate more nutritious, but also disinfect it, due to which the roots damaged during transplantation will not rot. And from the ashes I prepare a liquid top dressing: 1 st.l. I incinerate ash in 1 l of water.
    ■ For feeding I use water from washing the cereals (buckwheat, rice, millet, etc.).
    ■ Watering flowers and infusion of aloe. Two sheets of grind and pour 2 art. warm water. Day I insist, then add 2 l of water.


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