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  1. Angelica Manusz

    This year, I grew peppers 8 varieties and want to talk about the most successful.

    Frosted with me about five years. He early ripening, does not require pasynkovaniya, with dark red fruit weighing about 120 g and walls thickness of 4 mm. On one bush these up to 16 pieces!

    In the Palanskaia Babur variety on the bush from 10 to 14 large cone-shaped fruit weighing 120-160 g with walls of thickness 4-6 mm. In the stage of milk ripeness, they are soft cream, in full - red with a light orange.
    Yellow pepper, Golden rain and cream-red Belozerka are good fruits of medium size, ideal for stuffing.

  2. Inna IVANOVA

    Compact peppers
    I plant basically three varieties of sweet pepper: Gogoshara red, Hercules and Californian miracle yellow.
    I am satisfied with their taste, productivity and juiciness (fruits of all varieties are thick-walled).
    Gogoshary - small and early ripe. California Miracle - mid-season, cuboid. Hercules is the most favorite variety, it has very large fruits that ripen well in the bushes.
    Seyu seeds, and dry, at the end of February immediately in a half-liter plastic cups for 1-2 seeds. Germination is always 100%. In the garden I plant plants in the middle of May under temporary shelter. I place peppers at a distance of no more than 15 cm from each other in rows of 8-10 pcs. to be easier to hide.
    At the onset of a stable warm weather, I remove the shelter. I water, I fertilize the infusion of herbs and extract from bird droppings.
    As they grow, peppers touch each other, ripen in unison. Last year, I planted plants separately (like tomatoes, in holes) - there were no fruits on them, so we will continue to use the compact planting method. Last peppers this season plucked October 7th.


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