1. Anastasia GARAYEVA, Moscow Region

    How to grow a large onion
    It always seemed to me that my onion did not have enough time to grow. Only the onion begins to grow, and already, by the rules, it is time to remove it. What I just didn’t try: I applied fertilizers and grew onions from seeds sown in open ground — it was all useless. He did not have time to grow up with me, apparently, the earth is not very suitable for onions. I read that it grows well on loamy neutral soils, and acidic ones, like mine, are not very suitable. As a result, I decided to lime the soil and plant the onions not in the spring, but in the fall. And I was not mistaken. I am getting a wonderful harvest now. The only caveat - in the fall you can plant only shallow sowing. It is he who is able to winter well in the ground and not leave the arrow in the summer.
    I prepare the beds for planting onions in the same way as in the spring. I bring in organic fertilizer, dig, harrow, and observe planting technology: 10 cm - distance between seeds in a row, about 20 cm - row spacing. True, I do not penetrate sowing soil to 2-3 cm, as in spring planting, but 10 cm.
    In spring, it emerges at the same time as garlic. When 2-3 feathers appear, I feed the onions with nitrogen fertilizer - in a proportion of 30 g per 10 liters of water. After? -3 weeks I repeat top dressing. In early August, for better growth, I rake all the bulbs and stop watering. The feather dries and falls, and the bulb continues to grow.


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