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  1. Valentina TIKHONOVA, village of Dederka, Krasnodar Territory

    I'm a fan of this wonderful healing plant!
    In countries where unabis are regularly consumed (for example, in China), cases of cardiovascular disease are very rare.
    Unabi is a self-fertile plant, but to increase productivity it is better to plant several specimens for cross pollination. Unabi begins to grow in the early days of May, and blooms in mid-July, due to which it is never damaged by late spring frosts. The fruits are delicious, ripen in September.
    Propagated by seeds (seeds), vegetatively, as well as vaccinations and budding. I chose the easiest way to reproduce - by seed. At the same time, the plant retains its parental signs and properties, and begins to bear fruit already in the 2-3rd year. With the development of the 2-3rd real leaf, seedlings can be planted in the ground - in a greenhouse or greenhouse for growing, or in a pot if you decide to grow in room conditions. Planted in a container with a volume of 5-6 l also perfectly develops and bears fruit. Basic care - watering, top dressing, mulching. For the winter, it is necessary to insulate by sprinkling leaves, dry grass, peat under the roots and covered with spruce branches, and with the onset of cold weather - cover with a film and leave until spring, when it can be transplanted to a permanent place.
    The plant has another very valuable property - when it freezes, it is easily restored. Rapid growth of branches (cultural growth) begins from sleeping buds, it is on them that most of the fruits are formed, moreover, in the same year. In general, you won’t be left without a crop!

  2. Elena

    Where you can buy seedlings my phone 89286160793 address Rostov region Aksay district Khostrov Ostrovsky st. Kirova house 29 sq. 5

  3. Anna Eremeneko, Krasnodar Territory

    The Chinese date has many unusual names for our ear - jujub, unabi, jujube, jujube.
    But no matter how it was called, the plant is not that exotic. Some of its forms grow in the wild even in the Caucasus. And in conditions of a mild southern climate it is quite possible to grow it in the garden.
    Chinese date - a bush or a small tree. The shape of the crown is a bit like olive, only the leaves are not silver, but green. Soil and climate requirements are also almost the same as olive trees: a lot of heat, moderate fertility, and no stagnation of water. But jujube is more winter-hardy: it withstands cold snap up to -20 °, and if the crown freezes, the plant quickly regenerates overgrown. Begins to bear fruit in the 3rd, sometimes even in the 2nd, year. Just need to plant several seedlings nearby for cross-pollination, it is better if different varieties. It is easiest to propagate jujube in root shoots, but you can try to grow it from seeds or rooted green cuttings.

  4. Alexander

    Please tell me where you can buy seedlings of the Chinese date. I live in the Kaluga region Obninsk.


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